Delightfully effective small business SEO and Google Ads

We specialize in helping small businesses get noticed in the places that matter.

As a small business, you likely don’t have a bottomless bucket of advertising dollars. You also want complete assurance that what you do spend is being invested into channels that stand the best chance of generating you leads, sales and revenue.

We’re industry leaders and masters of our craft in small business SEO and small business Google Ads, including Search, Shopping and Remarketing.

As a small business, these are the channels you should focus your advertising dollars on. Why? Because they capitalize on purchase intent. In other words, these channels are focused on ensuring you appear when consumers are actively searching for the products or services you offer.

As an example, we work with a debt collection agency who previously had close to zero visibility on Google. Through extensive keyword research, we identified there were close to 50,000 Google searches a month in Canada relating to debt collection. These included search terms such as “debt collection agency” (1,180 searches a month) and “debt collector” (880 searches a month). In other words, searches where there was clearly commercial intent to hire a debt collector. We now run a Google Ads account that delivers this company dozens of leads per month, and we’ve increased their ranking across a subset of high-value debt collection search terms by over 1,200%.

Put simply, we’re not an agency that pretends to be all things to all people. We focus relentlessly and methodically on helping small businesses make the most of their advertising dollars and dominate their competition on Google.

Proven, winning SEO and Google Ads results

First position rankings
Increase in google visibility
Return on ad spend
Cost per lead

Why we’re the top SEO for small business

Innovation always

We stay up-to-date with the latest adtech and algorithm updates to ensure your account always performs at its best

15 years’ experience

15 years’ experience running Google Ads campaigns. 10 years’ experience in SEO. Google Ads and Google Shopping certified

Worry free contracts

Our contracts are month-to-month. Small business is agile, and so are we

Proven results

2,500% return on ad spend, up to 170 leads p/m, 390 first page rankings, 1,200% increase in Google visibility

Rich reporting

We have advanced reporting capability, so you always know where you stand. Real-time dashboards or monthly reports – whatever works for you

Expertise that’s affordable

We don’t have the overheads of other agencies. You’ll get the same expertise at a fraction of the cost

Howdy partner

We take a vested interest in your business performance and make you feel like we’re one of the team. We’re responsive and strong communicators

Making a difference

1% of all revenue goes to supporting Pacific Wild and the Great Bear rainforest

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No fuss, high-performance SEO and Google Ads solutions

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If you’re looking for a small business SEO or Google Ads solution that actually moves the needle, you’ve come to the right place. We’re friendly, responsive, and masters of our craft in small business SEO and Google Ads.

You don’t get this far without a few questions

Lots! We have over 15 years’ experience running Google Ads, and over 10 years’ experience in SEO. Google doesn’t offer an SEO certification, but we’re Google Search Ads and Google Shopping certified. We’ve worked with large multi-nationals, including Caterpillar and Goal Zero, down to local small businesses.

Check out our pricing page for our small business SEO and PPC pricing plans.

No. Our contracts are month-to-month. We specialize in small business SEO services, and we realise small businesses are agile and need flexibility in managing their cash flow. SEO is one of the most important channels you can invest in for your business, so we always recommend continuity to ensure the best results.

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