SEO and Google Ads pricing plans and features

SEO pricing

Start with our industry-leading SEO audit, then move to a monthly SEO plan that suits your needs. We provide ethical, transparent SEO services focused on growing small businesses.

SEO Audit
$490One-time fee
  • Technical web audit
  • Content audit
  • Link audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Initial outreach opps
  • Strategy and recs
SEO Grizzly Management
$1,690Per month
  • 2 x blog creation
  • 1 x landing page creation
  • 10hrs link outreach
  • 5hrs technical/on-site
  • Link monitoring
  • Website health-check
  • Grizzly report and recs

All plans are flexible and monthly hours are allocated depending on the results of the SEO audit.

About our SEO pricing

The difference in plan inclusions are as follows:

  • The Cub plan includes topic research for 2 x blog articles, based on keyword analysis, gap analysis and competitor analysis. The Grizzly plan also includes the full writing and development of the blogs.
  • The Cub plan includes topic research and keyword recommendations for 1 x keyword-rich landing page. The Grizzly plan also includes the full writing and development of the landing page.
  • 2 additional hours per month dedicated to link outreach on the Grizzly plan.
  • 2 additional hours per month dedicated to technical optimization on the Grizzly plan.
  • A more in-depth monthly report on the Grizzly plan.

Google Ads pricing

We’ll help you outsmart and outperform the competition with powerfully optimized, highly efficient Google Ads solutions that move the needle.

PPC Cub Management
$1,000Per month
  • Google Ads
  • Up to 10 Campaigns
  • Remarketing included
  • Real-time dashboard
PPC Grizzly Management
$1,500Per month
  • Google Ads
  • Up to 30 Campaigns
  • Remarketing/Shopping included
  • Real-time dashboard

There is a small account build fee associated with each plan. This covers developing ad creative, undertaking keyword research, optimizing ad settings and delivery, and performing an on-page audit.

About our Google Ads pricing

If you provide fewer than 5 services, or stock less than 5 product categories, you’ll generally be eligible for our Cub set-up and management solution.

Our Grizzly set-up and management solution is designed for companies who provide up to 15 services, or stock up 15 product categories.

Enterprise solutions are available for larger accounts. We’ve worked with companies with over 75 product categories, requiring a mix of over 150 exact and broad match campaigns. Contact us today for a quote.

Accounts spending over $10,000 revert to a percentage of ad spend pricing model. 10% for Cub management and 15% for Grizzly management.

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