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Hi! My name’s Jamie McCalman and I’m the owner and operator of Ocean Bear Digital.

I have 15 years’ experience in digital marketing for global brands including Caterpillar, publicly listed companies, and rapidly growing start-ups.

One of my career highlights was working in digital for adventure brand Goal Zero when they made Inc. 500’s list of the fastest growing companies.

My work in digital has seen me speak at international events and summits. The highlight was a trip to San Francisco to speak at Dreamforce, the largest business technology conference in the world, attracting close to 200,000 participants each year. Following that, Salesforce included me on their annual ‘30 To Watch: The Top B2B Marketers’ international list. I’ve also spoken at Technology events including World Tour in Sydney, World Tour in Chicago, and even presented alongside Salesforce Executive Vice President, Adam Blitzer.

I began working with Google Ads as far back as 2008, and though I’ve traversed many areas of the online marketing world since then – allowing me to build comprehensive digital strategies for large organizations – my passion has always remained mastering Google Search and capitalizing upon the commercial intent that exists there.

Ocean Bear Digital

I started freelancing in 2018, and over time I’ve crafted a service offering that resonates strongly with small businesses. That is, a focus on making every dollar count, and carefully investing into channels that builds a brand’s visibility in exactly the places their customers are seeking out their products or services.

Based in beautiful Vancouver, I’ve worked in Australia, America and the UK and service clients in each of these countries.

How we’re different

It’s all too easy to lose money on your digital marketing investment if you work with someone whose misaligned with your goals and the need to drive real results from your investment. I understand the importance of cash flow and revenue in small business, and so my services focus on ensuring your brand dominates in the places it needs to for you to be profitable.

When you work with Ocean Bear Digital, you work directly with me and have access to my wealth of knowledge in SEO and Google Ads, built up over many years.

No fuss, high-performance SEO and Google Ads solutions

Are ocean bear’s real?

Not that I’m aware of, unless you’re talking about a polar bear of course.  The name is a nod to all the countries dear to my heart: Canada is represented by the bear, Australia the ocean and Scotland by the blue within the logo. Oh, and when I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I love being outdoors! That typically means hiking through bear-territory in Canada, or at the beach in Australia.

Pacific Wild

Part of why I set this business up was to properly harness my sense of purpose and contribute to causes that are deeply important to me. 1% of all profit from Ocean Bear Digital goes to supporting Pacific Wild. Pacific Wild protect wildlife and their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest through impactful communications, wildlife monitoring and community-led initiatives that shed light on the natural world”.

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